We are revamping this site to better serve the residents of St. Regis Park.


  1. Bill Hodapp says:

    Looking good.

  2. james miller says:

    Thanks for a place to contact you. There needs to be email available to the council and others. There should be access to the neighborhood watch information. I need to make a report of a dead animal that was placed in our yard before 11P and had been removed by 7A. It was a dead cat with collar and bell. Have we been having a problem with this?: Thanks!

    • We will be adding Block Watch information soon. There is are some email addresses on the council page. I will encourage others to add theirs. Additionally, we will have a page for frequently used contacts. Thanks.

  3. Holly Thrasher says:

    Missing: Boarder collie black and white answers to Boo. Female no collar. Lives on Dannywood.
    Missing: Long fur Tabby Cat with white and gray fur. Answers to Ralph, no collar and has hurt feet. Missing from Mt Vernon. Please call 502-386-5717 if you have any information.

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